Simulation and Analysis Simulate and analyze with CAD software that’s easy to set up, use, and run can help you resolve basic design issues in engineering.

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Des nouvelles technologies prometteuses qui révolutionnent la conception de produits. Creo intègre des fonctionnalités révolutionnaires en matière de fabrication additive, d'IoT, de définition basée sur un modèle (MBD) et de réalité augmentée (AR). Concevez plus rapidement et de façon plus intelligente en liant votre conception numérique à vos produits physiques.

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Simulation and Analysis Benefits

Why would you ever manufacture a product without testing and analyzing it first? With Creo's simulation and analysis capabilities, you can validate your product using real world conditions digitally.

Simulation and Analysis is fast and easy with Creo

With Creo's simulation and analysis capabilities, utilize your product's virtual conditions mathematical. Test the stresses and loads under which your product will operate under 'real world' conditions. Based on your simulation and analysis results, you can either fix design flaws or forestall them.

Create feasibility and optimization studies to achieve your product's goals. For example, you may want to optimize part thickness to not exceed the maximum allowable stress. If you can measure it, you can optimize it.

New in Creo: Creo Flow Analysis Extension
A complete computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution design for the engineer

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"By using simulation during design, we see 30-50% time savings because we can skip physical tests. Time we used to spend on tolerance analysis, waiting in a queue for testing, and outsourcing analysis just goes away."
Drew Kessler | Design Group Manager, Team Penske

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