Model-Based Definition Dimension and Annotate Your 3D Models to Create a “Single Source of Truth” Everyone Can Rely On

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Des nouvelles technologies prometteuses qui révolutionnent la conception de produits. Creo intègre des fonctionnalités révolutionnaires en matière de fabrication additive, d'IoT, de définition basée sur un modèle (MBD) et de réalité augmentée (AR). Concevez plus rapidement et de façon plus intelligente en liant votre conception numérique à vos produits physiques.

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Why MBD?

For years, engineers used 2D drawings to deliver product manufacturing information—even as they designed models in 3D.

No more. Using model-based definition (MBD) methods, engineers now embed product data directly in the 3D models, creating a single, reliable source of truth for the whole extended team. That not only makes sense, it prevents errors and saves everybody time.

Creo Parametric provides the tools you need to annotate, publish, and view MBD-compliant models. Add the Creo GD&T Advisor Extension, and you can be sure your work, and that of your team, follows ASME standards.

What the Experts Say

Don’t wait to adopt tools for MBD. Jennifer Herron explains why in this short video.

Why Creo GD&T Advisor?

The GD&T Advisor Plus allows you to reuse the accurate parts of your legacy GD&T annotations while highlighting errors that they may have and providing recommendations on how best to resolve the problems uncovered.

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