How Augmented Reality Drives Real-World Gains in Services, Training, Sales & Marketing, and Manufacturing Live Webcast

Date: July 10, 2018

Time: 11am EST

Augmented reality (AR) technology is quickly moving from proof of concept through pilots and into real-world deployments in companies across the world. Market research firm, IDC, expects AR to drive transformational change across a wide range of industries with a handful of specific use cases leading the charge.

Join PTC’s Mike Campbell and IDC’s Tom Mainelli for this live webinar on July 10th where they will discuss a wide range of AR-focused topics, including:

  • Using AR to streamline service calls and delight customers
  • Leveraging AR to speed knowledge transfer and excite new hires
  • Utilizing AR to win more sales and drive improved marketing
  • Implementing AR in manufacturing to save time and money

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Tom Mainelli

Tom Mainellir, Program Vice President, Devices & AR/VR, IDC

Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell, EVP, Augmented Reality Products, PTC