Transparent Supply Chains Execute Seamless & Anticipatory Supplier Production & Delivery to Market

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For most retailers, supply chains have become more global and complex than ever. Sustainability and transparency are critical, but have become very challenging to achieve. With the push to create better products faster and overcome the growing complexities in the supply chain, the need for retailers to be further connected and integrated into their supply chain is more important than ever. Retailers are often exposed to risks early in the development process. In order to mitigate these risks, greater transparency and visibility within their supply chain is needed.

Supply Chain Transparency allows retailers to execute seamless and anticipatory supplier production and delivery to market. Bi-directional Supplier Dashboards make this possible for retailers, leading to faster time-to-market and reduced risk. The Bi-Directional Supplier Dashboards and apps provide visibility into supply chain work-in progress and dashboards for the supplier enable insight into upcoming new products and features from retailers and brand owners.

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