Digital Design Shift to Digital Tools & Methods Across the Entire Development Cycle, From Concept to Spec Approval

Create superior offerings through trend analysis and vendor-driven product development

The retail industry is fast-paced and ultra-competitive. Companies are continuously challenged to deliver greater product innovation and value. To meet frequent shifts in consumer demand, retailers must anticipate and respond with faster, more efficient, cost-effective operations and products. By shifting to digital tools and methods across the entire product development cycle, retailers can shorten cycle time and identify potential development and cost risks much earlier.

Whether you are using 2D design, 3D design, or both, the FlexPLM Digital Design Suite was developed to address the growing need for innovation-driven design, the need for speed, better design efficiency, and improved communication across design and product development processes.

By digitizing the entire design process from concept to spec approval, designers and developers are now able to:

  • Create products in PTC’s FlexPLM software directly from within the Adobe® Illustrator workspace
  • Create new products or product candidates in Adobe Illustrator and describe them with attributes and sketches
  • Find and view FlexPLM-managed colors, materials, and palettes and use them in Adobe Illustrator sketches
  • Create a design card in Illustrator that combines a product sketch with the materials, colors, prints, and patterns used for that product.

The Digital Design Suite includes integration with leading 3D CAD solutions for virtual sampling and 3D design, enabling you to leverage your 3D designs for virtual sampling.

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Shorten Cycle Time and Identify Potential Development and Cost Risks Much Earlier By Shifting to Digital Design Tools

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